Promo: Rupert Howe-Twittervlog

Posted by Ryanne Hodson on Saturday, May 19th, 2007

Rupert Howe loves us and is coming to Pixelodeon! Hurray!!

This is a promo I’ve made for the nice people at… well, you’ll see - shot in Paris yesterday. My phone ran out of battery as I was shooting the last shot, so I had to wait to come home to cut and post it. It was in the on area, around the Theatre National de l’Odeon, the original Odeon… from which the word Nickelodeon was eventually derived.

I’m really excited. I’m having a few vids screened and, um, I think I’m going. Yeah. Big change. Twittervlogs from Hollywood in a couple of weeks.

Visit their website here.

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