Promo: RyanIsHungry- Jon Phillips

Posted by Ryanne Hodson on Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

I posted a cool interview with one of our Keynote Speakers, Jon Phillips, over on RyanIsHungry. Check him out!!

We’re constantly thinking about sustainability- in the environment we live as well as in the way we work and produce media. Creative Commons is a non-profit organization trying to change the way people use copyright and licensing for media and intellectual property. Instead of the traditional “all rights reserved” model for distributing works, Creative Commons continues to educate creators about the advantages that come with the “some rights reserved” model.

Jon Phillips is an artist, educator, open source developer and Creative Commons evangelist who loves to school companies and the general public on the freedom that can be created by a true participatory culture. A culture of sharing and respectful negotiation between maker and taker. Catch Jon speaking at The First Annual Pixelodeon Festival, June 9-10 at The American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

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